Emily Burridge and Felix Gibbons of Incandescendo have worked alongside a host of musical luminaries in  Jazz, Classical and Popular music  including George Michael, Roger Daltry, Jools Holland, The Specials, Olodum, Peter Gabriel, Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, and many more..

Emily with her 'cello and looping pedals and Felix with his array of percussion instruments and guitar create a unique and dynamic sound. Their music is very much inspired by their love of people, nature, the English countryside and a special affection for Brazil where they both spent many years. When they are not playing their own compositions, they very much enjoy playing arrangements of Brazilian music with it's richness of melody and dynamism of rhythm. With the duo inspired by the heart and hospitality  of friends and family, and the natural beauty they found there. As well as countless concerts  and shows both were deeply involved in community work - Emily with Amerindian communities and Felix on the outskirts of Sao Paulo.   

This duo  of British musicians who have worked extensively in many genres travelling far and wide with  their music,    deeply enriched by the process, none the less maintain their origins, bringing to their work a kaleidoscope of fresh musical influences which break new ground between Classical, World, Folk  and free jazz idioms.

  Felix is an internationally acclaimed percussionist specialising in the multiplicity of instruments that characterise the distinct rhythms of Brazil and  Latin-America. These dance around and enhance the melodic sounds of Emily, the classically trained virtuoso 'cellist, who, energised by the rhythms,  finds them a limitless source of inspiration for composing and improvising melodies. As they are both comfortable on a number of instruments and   share a fascination for the  rhythmic, melodic and harmonic aspects of the music, this becomes a truly collaborative process.

 In performance  using modern sampling technology they expand their compositions vertically as well as horizontally creating exciting multi-tracked pieces which spin out  a web of intricate harmonies with memorable melodies and   embellished by some dazzling displays of improvisation.

The music of an Incandescendo score is as much about the visual and sensory nature of these vertical harmonic blocks as the horizontal, melodic narratives that are produced. Emotional memory has a primacy in this process, but there is also a ludic element.  The Brazilian approach to popular percussion, like East Indian, Cuban, African, American, Arabic or  Asian   percussion systems, has been hugely influential in recent years   and many of  these new dimensions are incorporated into their  music.

As well as performing their original compositions the Incandescendo catalogue of   instrumental music is  available by prior permission   for syncing to film.

Their concert program includes an array of completely new works for ‘cello, percussion and guitar and their arrangements of Brazilian Classical and Popular music. The  warmth and vitality of the performance reflects that the duo greatly enjoy their creative process. As much in the composition and production of the music as in it's presentation to the audience it  is an enriching and entertaining shared experience. Incandescendo take a new direction  and share all the  fun that a new  journey entails.      Worlds are integrated and superimposed as they combine their many influences creating beautiful, exotic and surprisingly visual soundscapes. As one journalist wrote after one of their London shows, "I was transported on an imaginary train journey through a warm, dazzling, sunlit green and lush, remarkable country thousands of miles away by the sublime sounds.."   

With their cabaret approach they promise to make you smile and maybe you’ll be driven to dance as they transport you with seductive melodies and toe tapping beats and their own mellow and melodic take on joyful Brazilian music.

Since Incandescendo commenced in 2013 performance locations have included: St Ives Festival, Truro Cathedral,      The Bolivar Hall London,The Pump House Aldeburgh Festival, Blaze Festival Newbury,   Carn to Cove rural tour, Millenium Hall Llandogo Welsh nights out scheme as well as many churches and clubs.       


The duo started working together as the result of a chance meeting in the Summer of 2012 under the aegis of a mutual friend, the Brazilian

designer Cristina Carneiro Mendonca. A subsequent invitation to give a concert  at her Festival of Arts, Fashion & Music at the Bolivar Hall in

London's West End and perform at  The  British  Red  Cross  Brazilian  Gala  Ball in the Connaught Rooms Covent Garden in November 2012

initiated, focused and inspired work and the duo realised a concert program in a short space of time.

Review at first Incandescendo performance

Brazilian Post London 06/11/2012

"Thursday evening I was transported on an imaginary train journey through a warm, dazzling, sunlit green, lush and

remarkable country, thousands of miles away, by the sublime sounds of Emily Burridge, cellist, composer, performer

and producer, with percussionist Felix Gibbons at the Bolivar Hall in London’s Fitzrovia, as part of the Festival of the

Arts for Brazil and Ecuador".


"A blend of hypnotic and intriguing cello played to concert standard with highly imaginative stellar Latin percussion playing"

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